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Our Achievements and Aspirations

Achievements and Aspirations



For staff

  • Developing a shared understanding of the pedagogy for the learning journey from EYFS to KS4 and beyond.
  • Cross school leadership work to solve specific issues – using leadership expertise in the trust.
  • Using expertise within the trust for recruitment
  • Established wellbeing support for staff members
  • Staff supporting each other across the Trust to achieve outcomes
  • Shared training across the trust – internal/ external/ national
  • Coaching network across the schools
  • Shared learning projects working with partners
  • Expertise in staffing identified across the trust and used for development



  • Curriculum support groups
  • Behaviour support and provision
  • EAL shared support


For Children/learners

  • Promoting an ‘I can do’ mentality in a changing technological world
  • Developing children’s understanding and experience of lifelong learning
  • Creative, relevant, shared curriculum and resourcing
  • Embedding elements of collaborative and co-operative learning into the curriculum
  • Support all children to have equal access to the latest ICT/ Learning Technology
  • Providing the wider opportunities for the trust through schools and partners.
  • Experiences/ development of workforce skills
  • Development of work experience
  • Shared learning experiences/ projects for all learners (stakeholder groups)
  • Joint funding applications to access more resources
  • Support pupil wellbeing through access to partner advice and resources.


For parents/carers/community

  • Strong school- parental relationships
  • Facilitation of the provision of support services
  • Develop a culture of high attendance and high value of education
  • Diversity and commonality are celebrated
  • Access to health and wellbeing resources to avoid crisis
  • Promote high self-esteem/self-worth through communication


For partners

  • Consolidate and develop current trust partnerships for the mutual benefit of the trust/ partners
  • Identify and develop new trust partnerships to fulfil the vision/ meet the aims of the trust


Our aspirations for the future

To continue and further develop our established co-operative work, and to realize more of the aims set out in our Vision in 2016, specifically:

For Staff

  • Shared learning projects working with partners
  • National and international experience opportunities including cooperative links
  • Develop networks with a wider perspective/ set of skills to offer support and development from outside of the City
  • Development opportunities without having to leave the Trust.
  • Contingency and succession planning – using resources within the Trust.


For Children/learners

  • Creating an umbrella to challenge under-achievement and disengagement to raise aspirations
  • Providing opportunities academically and socially for all children to enjoy and achieve their potential
  • Deepened understanding about work opportunities + areas + skills
  • Enriching learning opportunities through the development of partnerships and the involvement of partners in the curriculum
  • Develop a group approach to achieving ‘good practice’ awards e.g. Eco schools, Healthy Schools, International Awards etc
  • Regular programme of sports competitions
  • Regular programme of other curriculum based competitions e.g. art, chess, science and engineering
  • Experiences/ development of workforce skills
  • Rewarding the achievements of all learners including adults


For parents/carers/community

  • Provide parent education to help parents and carers to have the skills and knowledge to support their children’s learning in school and at home.
  • Develop learning for life
  • Share a common understanding – investors in education and their child’s future
  • Positive influential voice harnessed to impact on learning e.g. PTAs, governors, trustees, and other stakeholders
  • Strong community links to aid ‘at risk’ families to achieve positive outcomes
  • Draw on the skills/ celebrate the diversity of our community through international week celebrations
  • Access to a wide variety of low cost training, social and health activities
  • Promote high self-esteem/self-worth through communication
  • Trustwide ‘one stop shop’ to facilitate parental enquiries e.g. health, welfare, housing, legal and financial